Monday, March 11, 2013

Please listen to "Wunderkammer" by Qurious

Hey Everybody,

Please take a minute to listen to "Wunderkammer" by Qurious. "Wunderkammer" was released on Qurious's second album entitled "Void Vanishing".

"Music coming from the state of Georgia sure has changed over the past five decades. Whereas the state was once mainly known as a haven for Southern rock and cover bands...Georgia now hosts a wild array of different artists with musical styles that go all around the universe and back again. Case in point is Qurious...the duo of Mike Netland and Catherine Quesenberry. These two artists combine dreamy sounds, electronic beats, and breathy vocals to create their own unique otherworldly dream pop. Netland and Quesenberry impressed lots of folks with their previous album (Planet Plant). Void Vanishing is bound to please fans and bring in many more. This nine track album is a nice cool spin and never ceases to satisfy. Cool reflective cuts include "Gaida," "Rubies," and "Termina." Groovy stuff with a slightly European sound." - Babysue

thanks for listening to "Wunderkammer".

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