Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Daniel's Wired Mercy" by Lid Emba

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We are offering for a limited time "Daniel's Wired Mercy" by Lid Emba to you'll for free! Please take a minute to listen to "Daniel's Wired Mercy". It was released on "Terminal Muse: Yellow" by Lid Emba in February.

"On Tuesday, February 26th experimental electronic artist Sean Moore, aka Lid Emba, will release Terminal Muse: Yellow, the third and final installation in his Terminal Muse trilogy, which began with 2010′s Red and continued with 2011′s Blue. “Third Rail to Paradise” is the first single from the upcoming album and it finds Moore moving into more melodic and accessible territory, trading in the abrasive beats and cold, fractured grooves that defined his previous work for clattering, slightly funky electro-prog drums and surging synths. But while Lida Emba may have grown more felicitous with its music, this is not to say that it’s gotten soft or safe—the sonic breadth and weirdness remain, but it’s nice to see some colors other than black and gray bursting from the edges of the track." - The Lastest Disgrace

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