Friday, September 13, 2013

"Termina" by Qurious

Hey everybody,

Stickfigure Recordings is PROUD to make "Termina" available FOR FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! "Termina" is the final track on Qurious's debut album 'Void Vanishing' that was released in November of 2012.

Please give "Termina" a listen:

"Qurious have assembled a gorgeous single reminiscent of those by old masters of the art, Elysian Fields or Trespassers William. The lush audible textures on Rima tap into the beautiful resonate memories from times long gone, the addiction to return to this haunting place refreshing itself as the final chords and image slowly fade out. Ready to take another trip so soon?" - Insomnia Radio review of "Rima" by Qurious

thanks for listening and take care,

Stickfigure Recordings