Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Private Seacaves" by Warning Light

Hey Everyone,

Here for your listening pleasure is "Private Seacaves" by Warning Light.

"It’s a Tuesday night. I have had 5 or 6 too many shots of Jameson while chasing it with Keystone Light. My friends have all left me behind to avoid the embarrassment of being in my company. Women are naturally repelled by my booze stench and uncanny amounts of sweat tinting my once white shirt. I stand up, or I attempt to stand up and stumble to a blurry door that I am hoping is a bathroom. Then begins the endless vomiting into a sink, which to my surprise happens to be in a ‘Ladies’ restroom. Immediately, I catch a haymaker-slap to the chops by a stunningly gorgeous Latin lady (who probably really looked like a troll to the sober eye) because some of my puke landed on her shoes. After this, the rest of the night is a blacked-out mystery. I had reached a soft part of the alley way and passed out. Nighty noodles everyone.

The following morning, the ominous, icy and atmospheric sounds of ‘Wild Silver’ by Warning Light are playing in my headphones as I shamefully walk back to my NoHo apartment. “Wild Silver” is apparently what you hear while you spew proof of your prior stupidity into a toilet the next morning. ‘Hangover music’ is probably a better way of putting it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a negative review…at least, not about the music." - Backsideonline

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