Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Pactolian" by Qurious

Hey everyone,

Stickfigure is presenting "Pactolian" from Qurious's new album "Void Vanishing".

"Void Vanishing is the recent release from Atlanta duo Qurious. My immediate pull to this album was the irresistible picture you see above. But after further review, I quickly realized Qurious‘s Mike Netland has sage-like abilities on the pads and knobs and Catherine Quensenberry’s vocals are mysteriously comforting and spot on. Void Vanishing has so much depth, and I’m at a loss to describe what it feels like to be lost within its many layers. The void they’re speaking of has clearly vanished. I recommend you listen to the whole album, but if you’re a window shopper, check out the single “Rubies” and my personal favorites: the dense and sinking “Submarine”, the fuzzy lover’s folktale “Rima”, and the hypnotizing howls of “Termina”." - Portals Music

#2 for best album of 2012 by an Atlanta artist - Chad Radford (Music Editor of Creative Loafing)

#3 for best album of 2012 by an Atlanta artist - Ohm Park

Please give "Pactolian" a listen.

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